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Cakes, Cookies, and Pancake Mix Bundle

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Bundle of Nush cakes, cookies, and pancake mix. Low-carb, keto-friendly, gluten-free. (21 items, 45 servings)

 Our bodies work in wonderfully unique ways when we provide them with delicious and nutritious food. Few things feel as good as that first bite of a low carb snack cake when the flavors meet your taste buds in an explosion of yummy flavor. A nutritious cake can be exactly what you need to make it through that afternoon slump or the start of your day.

With our low-carb snack bundles, you can give your taste buds the time of their life with our low-carb cookies and cakes. We can offer you a variety of mouth-watering flavors so each day you can enjoy a new, bold taste. 

Nush Foods’ Commitment to Taste

When you decide to take control of your physical health and add intuitive eating habits, it can be tough to find low carb snacks that taste as good as you want to feel on your diet. Especially for restrictive diets such as the paleo or keto diet, finding a yummy snack that is easy to grab on the go can be difficult. But Nush Foods is here to help.

We have a great selection of keto friendly cake flavors, and with our low-carb pancakes, you can start your day off right. We are excited to join you on your journey to better health with our personalized low-carb snack bundles.

Our cakes, cookies, and pancakes are gluten-free, made with just one gram of sugar, and are keto-friendly. When you choose Nush Foods, you can enjoy a tasty treat with the confidence you are making a wise decision for your physical health.

This bundle includes 1 bag of pancake mix, a mixed sleeve of cakes (2-banana nut, 2-blueberry, 2-carrot spice, 2-cherry almond, and 2-raspberries and cream) and one mixed sleeves of the cookies (3-double chocolate chip, 3-snickerdoodle, 2-salted caramel, and 2-coconut almond).

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