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Customize Your Own Pancake & Waffle Mix 8-Bag Case

$83.93 $95.92
3 of chocolate, 3 of blueberry, and 2 of plain? Or??? Any combination is up to you!
Why choose just one flavor of Nush low carb pancake and waffle mix when you can have all three, in any combination you choose? We’ll package them up just the way you specify and get them quickly shipped to your door.
The 8-pack is a great way to stock up your pantry with low-carb breakfast treats so you never find yourself searching through the cabinets for something that fits your healthy way of eating.
And we know you’ll find each of these low carb pancake mix flavors uniquely delicious! The blueberry is packed with fruity flavor and anti-oxidants. The chocolate chip is way more of a treat than breakfast was ever allowed to be before.
And the plain low carb pancake mix can handle any topping you want to put on it — non-sugar syrup (including chocolate syrup), whipped cream, berries, pecans ... the list goes on.
So order your customized 8-pack today. We’re talking about a lot of pancakes here! And of course, each of them has zero added sugar, and just 2g net carbs, per 4-inch cake.

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