Low-Carb Chocolate Chip Pancakes (WOO HOO!)

We’ve heard from a lot of customers since we came up with Nush Low-Carb Pancake Mix about how excited they are (insert woo-hoo here) to know pancakes are back on the table.

Is that because pancakes are just a really good example of the kind of thing we low-carb, keto, low-sugar people have had to deprive ourselves of since we kicked the carbs? 

I don’t know, but I can say it was hard to live without pancakes! They’re such a sweet reminder of childhood. They make the whole kitchen smell incredibly delicious when you flip them on a hot griddle. And then there’s the way butter melts on top of a warm stack.

So YES. It’s awesome that pancakes are back on the table. And guess what? Thanks to the really good non-sugar chocolate chips that are now out there, not only are pancakes back on the table, but CHOCOLATE CHIP PANCAKES are back on the table, too! 

We like to use sugar-free chocolate chips from Lily’s. And we find that you don’t need to measure, because once you’ve mixed up our pancake mix (super easy — just add water and oil), you can stir in about as many chocolate chips as you like! 

Just make sure you let them stay on the griddle long enough — more than regular pancakes — to let them cook mostly through before flipping them.  It’ll make the pancakes easier to turn, and it’ll help soften the chocolate chips.

By the way, there are some good sugar-free syrups out there, too — but try these pancakes without. They don’t really need it.

We love the fact that other low-carb, keto products like Lily’s chocolate chips are out there and are doing well. So thanks, Lily’s, for being the perfect way to turn Nush low-carb pancakes into what seems like a decadent treat, but still keeps you off that sugar-and-carb roller coaster.