How to make a quick and easy fresh-baked Keto cake in 15 seconds

Well, okay — with this particular “fresh-baked cake” you’re getting a pretty big head start because we’ve done the measuring, mixing, and baking for you! 

But here’s the thing. If you take a Banana Nut Nush cake and zap it in the microwave 15 seconds, it’ll hit the spot just like a snack cake you freshly baked yourself. 

It’ll fill up your kitchen with the most heavenly banana-bread aroma. 

And it’ll come out of the microwave just exactly warm enough to melt a pat of butter on the top. Or you might want to break the cake open and let the butter melt inside. 

Either way, it really is that easy to turn a low-carb, keto friendly,  diabetic safe Nush cake into a treat that is as warmly delicious and satisfying as something you made from scratch. 

And we are more than happy to have done the measuring, mixing, and baking for you!