wow. how did she do it??

Here’s a success story so transformational it actually led to a new career! And Tara (online at is one of the most persuasive people we’ve ever heard from on the topic of keto. Here’s how she describes it:

Hi! My name is Tara Garrison and I’m a ketogenic diet coach, personal trainer, and mom of 4.
Going low-carb and eventually keto completely changed my body and mind. It was a HUGE catalyst for personal growth in my life, and set me on a path to living my dreams. Losing 30 pounds on this lifestyle, combined with lifting weights, changed my body so much I was able to finally qualify for the Boston Marathon, and ran it in 2017! 
What I’ve learned is that food is POWERFUL. It changes our body composition, it changes us at a cellular level, it changes our chemicals and hormones … it changes our energy levels and motivation EVERY SINGLE DAY. When we eat better, we ARE better, it’s really that simple. I’m so grateful I made big changes in my nutrition and now get to help others experience the life shift that comes with those changes.
Eating better made me feel the best I ever have. I’ve been able to maintain this keto/low-carb high-fat lifestyle change for 4 years now. It’s not hard to maintain, because I LOVE it. It’s not hard to eat foods you love and that make you feel amazing. I will never ever go back to my old way of eating.
Now I’m actually a nutrition and training coach, and I recommend everyone TRY a phase of the ketogenic diet for the fat-adaptation, mitochondrial reset, metabolic boost, freedom from constant hunger, and to experience extreme mental clarity and solid energy levels throughout the day. 

She’s amazing! And looking at her photos, you can see that Tara’s transformation wasn’t just about the 30 pounds. Keto really did change her body.

And while we can’t all run the Boston Marathon, I think we can all get inspiration from Tara about what is possible. When you change your eating habits, you change your whole self!


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