Say hi to Kiana, and say hi to her keto formula!

Here at Nush, we meet some awesome people and we hear some great stories about the different ways people get control of their health. And of course, so many of those stories are about cutting way down on sugar and carbs! (Of course, keto is what we do here at Nush, so maybe that's why people keep telling us their keto success stories?? 🙂) Anyway, Kiana (on Insta as @keto_ki) has her own way of doing things, and we think you'll like reading her story and seeing how she landed on keto: 


Aloha! I’m Kiana, AKA keto_ki. My Polynesian background and upbringing, as wonderful as it was, included lots of carbs and sugar! As a former collegiate athlete, I was also taught to eat carbs as an important fuel for maximum performance. But I’ve been living a ketogenic lifestyle since 2017, and I am living proof that keto is a sustainable way of life that creates an optimal state for our bodies! 

For the first year following this eating plan, I was strict keto as a way of battling postpartum depression, severe headaches, and anxiety. Even though I'd always been a health nut, I still had problems. At only about two months into keto, I started feeling more energetic and hadn’t had a migraine in a few weeks. Cutting down on sugar and carbohydrates created a physical process that literally helped heal my mind. 

My second year into keto I went "lazy keto" for a few months, but was able to maintain the same benefits, living a relaxed and balanced way of life, while still focussing on whole foods. Since June, I've been keto-carb-cycling, and reverting to low-carb (which for me is 50 carbs and under per day) in a nutritional state of ketosis where my body is still utilizing ketones as energy and fat for fuel. 

I now have more energy for my two wild boys, and I’m more mindful for my husband and our marriage. I feel that I've created the best version of me by simply changing up my nutrition. Thank you keto! 


No, thank YOU, Kiana! It's great to hear about her keto formula and all the different things going keto did for her, because it's not just about losing weight, as she so eloquently put it! And as Kiana can tell you, one of the best ways to stick to a low-carb eating plan is to have plenty of keto snacks on hand. So hit the link below to stock up on Nush Keto cakes in any or all of our six delicious flavors!

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