meet beau. he got healthy by being smart about it!

How does an IT guy lose 70 pounds?

One thing I love about Beau’s story is that it’s a great example of how the low-calorie approach, as a way of losing weight, doesn’t work. It just leaves you hungry. Cutting out sugar and excess carbs is smarter because you’re left with protein, fats, and fiber (like vegetables)! All of which are satisfying in a way that sugar never can be. But I’ll let Beau tell how he figured that out …

I’m currently 40 years old and have struggled with my weight for nearly half my life. Twenty years ago my weight started increasing, and within a few years I went from 150 to 275 pounds!

My wife and I spent many years following a basic calorie-deficit diet, with very little lasting success. I had periods where I’d lose weight, but I was miserable and hungry the entire time and would end up falling off the wagon and returning to old habits. I can’t tell you how many times I lost and re-gained the same 30 pounds.

I was tired of the roller coaster, tired of cycling through clothes sizes and most importantly, tired of constantly failing to achieve my goals.

All that changed in August of 2017, when I discovered Keto. I had read about it for years, but always thought it sounded too radical. I felt like it would be impossible to give up carbs. But one day my amazing wife suggested we at least give it a try—just for four weeks—what could it hurt?

So we started out simple and tracked net carbs, staying below 20 per day. Within a couple of weeks, we saw the weight coming off, felt more energetic, and knew this was the way of life for us.

We haven’t looked back since. For me, this way of eating works because I WANT to keep eating like this. In addition to losing 70 pounds, I’m no longer constantly hungry and love the food I eat. I’ve developed a deeper appreciation for the taste of real food, including veggies (which I never ate before).

Keto has completely changed my relationship with food and has most certainly added years to my life. I now feel like I have finally achieved the goals I always felt were impossible!

Beau has a growing following on Instagram (including me), because he’s super positive and inspirational, yet down-to-earth at the same time. He’s @ketobeau, and we love having him in the Nush circle of friends!


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