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josh Perry speaks about the benefits of the keto diet

We follow Josh on Insta as @joshperrybmx, and you should, too! Why? Because while there are a lot of inspiring before-and-after stories in the keto and low-carb community, there's none more amazing than Josh's. Having overcome not one but four brain tumors (!), he doubled down on his health, went keto, and now has a platform as an inspirational speaker. Here's how he tells it:


After a six-hour brain surgery that left me with 75 staples, 16 stitches, and 4 titanium screws in my skull, I woke up grateful to be alive, along with a completely new perspective on life. I thought my goal was to survive the massive brain tumor that had been accidentally found after a BMX crash during off-season training. But mere survival turned into a transformation of my entire being, and how I showed up in life given this second chance at being here. 
I began auditing who I was, what choices I was making, how I could optimize those choices to better my life, and who I wanted to become. During that process, I found the ketogenic diet and lifestyle as a way of prioritizing my brain's health, resilience, and performance. To me, keto is an excellent tool that not only enhances my current state of being, but more important, cultivates a healthy future for myself.
I used to identify as a pro BMX athlete and multiple brain tumor survivor. Today, even though I live with four brain tumors, I identify as someone striving to improve the lives of the others around me, and to live my life to the fullest while giving as little focus and energy as possible to the unwanted masses in my brain.
I've now created a daily practice of auditing my thoughts, choices, and actions so I can show up as my best self and follow my higher purpose—that purpose being to inspire others to shift their perspectives, discover their full potential, and create the lives they want.
Josh Perry advocate for Keto cakes and keto diet
My favorite thing about the keto way of eating is the level of consciousness it requires in order to follow it correctly, especially for people like myself who have therapeutic goals. This ultra-conscious approach has transferred to all areas of my life, providing me with a higher sense of self-awareness and allowing me to improve my efforts in serving other people.
For the longest time, I was afraid to eat anything out of a package because I was living in a state of fear and I was uneducated on options. But now, I am so honored and grateful to support Nush products, knowing their integrity and mission to provide tasty alternatives to the masses with metabolically sound ingredients we can trust. My favorite is the Keto Blueberry Cake, which takes me back to my teenage years of indulging in blueberry muffins for breakfast!
Thanks Josh for the shout-out on Blueberry. And thanks for being such a positive force in the universe! Keto on!

- The Folks at Nush

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