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YES, I DID IT.  I let a few of my good eating habits slide over the past few weeks. And when I say “slide,” I mean they went hurtling down a steep hill and crashed in a heap at the bottom.

I have only myself to blame, but you know how it is! Sometimes it’s hard, with all the socializing of the holiday season (and with people like my friend Julie, creator of the world’s most irresistible ginger snaps).

But you know what? The fact that I let my good eating habits slide doesn’t have to mean anything in the long run, as long as I get back in the groove.

If you’re getting back in the groove yourself, we’d love to help by offering a discount on Nush cakes. All six flavors have just 1 gram of sugar per cake, and only 2-3 net carbs.

And here’s a bonus: each of them can easily be turned into a luscious dessert — that’s still Keto friendly — by adding a dollop of whipped cream or a spread of non-sugar cream cheese frosting.

Just click the link below to get 20% off and use the code JANUARY at checkout. There’s no limit on quantity but there IS a limit on time because this offer expires on January 31 — so it’s a good time to stock up, because they’ll last for months in the freezer.

In the meantime, I think the trick is to shrug off the guilt and keep the focus on the road ahead, because 2019 is going to be a great year! Thanks for being part of it with Nush.

- Muffy


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I am absolutely new to this keto lifestyle. I have been researching like crazy. I found where your product is sold near me so I’ll be purchasing your snacks there. My question to you is, can you recommend a “keto for dumbies” website? I downloaded a marco food app that I plan to set my carbs to 20% but I struggle in knowing if this is right? Any assistance you can offer is greatly appreciated!

Sonya Reynolds August 25, 2021

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