What is keto pancake mix made of?

If you've discovered the keto way of eating — staying away from sugar and processed carbs while focusing on protein, fat, and fiber — then one of the first things you probably had to take off the table was pancakes.
But now (hurray!) there are some keto-friendly pancake and waffle mixes that put pancakes right back on the table, while keeping things keto.
So lots of people want to know, if keto pancake mixes aren't made of grains like most pancake mixes, what are they made of?
Many of them are based on almond flour or coconut flour, or a mix of both. And some of them aren't all that low in carbohydrates — as much as 11 carbs per pancake. That's where Nush pancake mix is different. Pancakes made with Nush mix have just 2 net carbs per pancake.
How did we do it? Our pancake mix is based on two main ingredients: flaxseed (nearly all fiber) and egg (mostly protein and fat). Both of these ingredients are not only nearly free of net carbs (the ones that count), but they're nutritious and satisfying. Protein and fiber make you feel full and keep you feeling full longer.
With zero added sugar in the mix, Nush pancakes don’t spike your blood sugar first thing in the morning. Research shows that when you start your day with sugary breakfast foods — and there are so many, including muffins, cereals, pastries, yogurts, etc — you put yourself on that sugar-and-carb roller coaster and it can then last all day. Your blood sugar is spiked, your insulin is then spiked in response, your blood sugar drops, and around you go. Because there’s nothing like sugar to make you want more sugar.
Nush pancakes are also very low-calorie (just 60 calories per cake) — but it's our healthy, grain-free and high-fiber ingredients that we think set us apart.
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