What happens when you stop eating sugar?

We hear lots of reasons why sugar is BAD for us, but having given up sugar several years ago myself (I have it only on rare occasions), I wish people would talk more about what happens when you stop eating sugar.

So in celebration of spring (yay!), I thought it might brighten your day to be reminded of just 5 great things that happen when you quit sugar …

1. Younger looking skin.  Research suggests that cutting your sugar intake can help lessen skin sagging and other visible signs of aging. I’m 58, but I think my skin looks better than it did at 48!

2. Lasting energy. Protein, fat, and fiber give you sustained energy, instead of the spike/crash rollercoaster you get with sugar and refined carbs. This has actually allowed me to forego the afternoon dose of caffeine I used to require.

3. Reduced belly fat. Apparently, the flood of insulin you get from eating sugar encourages fat to accumulate around your middle. Health experts say this “visceral fat” is the most dangerous kind.

4. Less hunger. You know how eating 1 chocolate chip cookie only makes you want 10 more? Sugar’s like that – the more you eat, the more you want. But I’ve really noticed the fact that healthy fats, proteins, and fibers take longer to digest and satisfy me more.

5. Food tastes sweeter. I’ve become aware since I cut way, way back on sugar, that an apple tastes like candy to me. I’ve totally re-set my levels as to what is “sweet,” and that makes it easier than ever to skip the donuts.

Do you have your own post-sugar success story? I’d love to hear it. Just add a reply below to chime in. And in the meantime, happy spring to you!

- Muffy