What Are Net Carbs and How To Count Them

You’ve probably heard of “net revenue” and “gross revenue,” right? It’s important to know the difference, because NET revenue is what you actually end up with! That’s the one that really counts.
It’s the same with NET carbs. They’re the ones that really count, especially when you’re trying to cut down on the carbs in your diet as part of a healthy lifestyle.
But how do you calculate net carbs?
First, subtract fiber. When you look at the nutrition panel on the food you buy (and we encourage everyone to be a label-reader!), you’ll notice that the total carbs include fiber. But our bodies don’t have the enzymes to break down fiber, and it passes through our digestive system without impacting our blood sugar. That’s why most nutrition panels call out fiber separately, and you can then subtract grams of fiber from grams of total carbs, because fiber doesn’t really count.
Next, subtract sugar alcohol. Certain natural sweeteners like the sugar alcohol called erythritol (the one we use in Nush products) are indigestible and, like fiber, don’t impact your blood sugar. Most nutrition panels will also call out sugar alcohol separately, and you can subtract grams of sugar alcohol from grams of total carbs, because it doesn’t really count.
Now you have net carbs. And for most people, when you keep net carbs less than around 50 grams a day, you won’t be ingesting enough carbs to fuel your body, and it'll be forced to burn fat instead.
And that’s a good thing!
Nush products are designed to not affect your blood glucose. Blood sugar spikes are negligible because of the ingredients we use. This is why you insulin levels can remain low after consuming Nush products. Test us out! Try our Banana Nut cake, or our protein pancake mix. Both will leave you satisfied and feeling healthier than ever.