The effects of sugar on the body

Have you noticed? Even the institutions MOST slow to change (we’re talking about you, US Department of Agriculture!) have finally come around to the fact that excess sugar and processed carbs —not fat — are the culprits in most people’s diets. 1

What are the attributes that make sugar a “culprit?” 

 For one thing, data shows that food and beverages high in added sugar tend to be high in calories. 2  And yet they’re usually very low in dense nutrients like protein and fiber — the kind of nutrients that actually make you feel satisfied. 

So it’s the worst possible combination:  high in calories, low in satisfaction. 

Given those facts, it’s not hard to understand why a diet high in sugary, carb-y foods has been linked to weight gain. 

And it’s not just about weight gain! Because high intake of added sugar is also associated with elevated visceral (belly) fat, and that can be particularly dangerous. Excess belly fat has been linked to increased cardiovascular disease and increased Type 2 diabetes. And in women, it’s been linked to a higher incidence of breast cancer. 3

The good news is that cutting down on excess sugar and carbs can put all of the above effects of sugar on the body into reverse.  Cutting down on sugary foods can help you lose weight, help you avoid that belly fat, and help steer you towards foods that are nutrient-dense, high in protein and fiber, and actually satisfying. 4

And you know, that’s the whole reason we started this little business! To help people cut down on excess sugar and carbs, while steering them toward something that just happens to be delicious. So check out some of our delicious low-sugar, low-carb desserts while reading more of our healthy articles. :) . 


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