Five benefits of a low-carb diet

Since you’re in our little corner of the internet here at Nush Foods, you’re probably already on board with the low-carb way of eating. But it’s worth reviewing what’s great about it! So we came up with what we think are the TOP 5 ways in which a low-carb diet can benefit you. 

  1. You don’t feel hungry. Most carbs (especially highly processed ones like white sugar and white flour) don’t satisfy your appetite. More often they actually fuel your appetite! And you can only go around feeling hungry for so long before you give up and scrap the diet. 
  1. You feel satisfied. This is the flip-side of the coin we just mentioned. Protein, fat, and fiber are extremely satisfying. Most people couldn’t sit down and eat 5 pork chops even if they wanted to. When you focus on protein, fat, and fiber, you simply get full faster and stay full longer. 
  1. You lose weight. Once you switch your focus from carbs to healthy fats, fiber, and proteins, your body can start to burn fat for fuel, rather than sugars. And that means weight loss. 
  1. You reduce your blood sugar and insulin levels. Chronically high blood sugar has really negative consequences. Namely, Type 2 Diabetes. But a lot of those health issues can potentially be reversed with a change in diet, away from sugars and foods that act like sugar in your body. 
  1. You have so many delicious foods to choose from. Unlike so many weight-loss diets, a low-carb diet doesn’t confine you to a short list of “allowed” foods. Low-carb eating means you can have chicken, beef, pork, or fish. You can have cream, butter, oils, cheeses and other fats. And you can have just about any vegetable that grows above ground. And of course, you can have healthy and delicious Nush low carb cakes, cookies, and pancakes! 

Do you have other reasons why a low-carb way of eating works for you? Chime in below!