Can keto pancake mix help you lose weight?

Let’s start right here: the answer is YES. Eating keto pancakes or waffles like those made with Nush pancake mix for breakfast can absolutely help you lose weight.
That might sound too good to be true, but it's based on nutritional science and the way our bodies respond to different foods. To flesh that out a bit, these are the three most important reasons why eating keto pancakes can help you lose weight:
Satiating Ingredients. Nush pancake mix is based on two main ingredients: flaxseed (nearly all fiber) and egg (mostly protein and fat). Both of these ingredients are not only nutritious, but they’re very satisfying. They make you feel full and keep you feeling full longer. It’s easy to overeat processed carbs and sugar, but it’s not easy to overeat fat, protein, and fiber because of how satiating they are.
Blood Sugar Response. Nush pancakes don’t spike your blood sugar first thing in the morning. Research shows that when you start your day with sugary breakfast foods — and there are so many, including muffins, cereals, pastries, yogurts, etc — you put yourself on that sugar-and-carb roller coaster and it can then last all day. Your blood sugar is spiked, your insulin is then spiked in response, your blood sugar drops, and around you go. Because there’s nothing like sugar to make you want more sugar.
Amazing Taste. Nothing we’ve already said means much if you don’t actually like the keto-friendly food you’re eating, right? Eating foods you don’t love in an effort to lose weight might be worth doing for a short while, but it simply isn’t sustainable. Nush pancakes, however, are delicious! Our 5-star reviews include comments like these:
            “No more feeling deprived on a keto diet. Love Nush pancake mix.”
            “A delicious low-carb option. As someone who missed pancakes, I’m grateful for having found this alternative.”
            “The pancakes come out so fluffy and light! Absolutely perfect.”
There are other reasons why the right keto pancake mix can help you lose weight — including the fact that Nush pancakes are very low-calorie (just 60 calories per cake) — but the three reasons we outlined above are those we think pack the most power.