introducing six new flavors!

It’s been about a year and a half since we first started shipping our low-carb, low-to-no-sugar snack cakes. During that time we’ve made a lot of new friends and customers, and we’ve learned a lot. Most of the feedback has been incredibly positive and it let us know we were on the right track!

We developed four delicious new flavors: Peanut Butter, Cherry Almond, Blueberry, and Pineapple Mango. We promise you, you’ll love them. Each one of them is truly bursting with flavor and they have an even softer, more cake-y texture than before.


blueberry cake

Packed with blueberries—the famous superfood—these Nush cakes are their own kind of superfood.


pineapple mango cake

These are so fruity, that if you close your eyes when you take a bite, they just might take you to the tropics.


peanut butter cake

Who needs peanut butter cookies when you can have a rich and satisfying low-carb peanut butter cake?


cherry almond cake

We combined tart cherries and almond extract together to create cloud nine for your taste buds.

our original flavors re-imagined

carrot spice

carrot spice cake

We took the original Carrot Spice Cake and, well, we spiced it up even more—while making it softer and cake-ier.


banana nut cake

This new version of our Banana Nut Cake will remind you of your mom’s banana bread—except the sugar and carbs.


not sure where to start? try a mixed flavor case!

our snacks are low in sugar. that counts

If you've found yourself counting calories, you know how hard it is. And guess what? It doesn't really work. Because, like you've probably experienced for yourself, there's nothing like sugar to make you want more sugar! So if you want to cut down on something, cut down on sugar and carbs. The difference with protein, fat, and fiber is that they tend to satisfy your appetite, not rev it up. We kinda like that idea.