we started with
a kitchen and
a cause.


Muffy Mead-Ferro, knew her whole family would be healthier if they ate less sugar and fewer carbs. But as the primary grocery shopper, it was hard to find pre-pared foods that weren’t full of sugar and carbs. And let’s face it, we need prepared foods to live this nutty life we live. We’re on the run sometimes! Especially in the morning, right? So she started baking. Tasting. Re-searching. And baking some more. Eventually what came out of the oven was a new company: nush.

we're still passionate
about it.

The more we read and the more we know about how our bodies work, the more committed we are to helping people get off the sugar-and-carb roller coaster. And it is a roller-coaster! Have you ever noticed when you have one chocolate chip cookie, all you want is 10 more? That’s partly because your blood sugar is spiked, and then crashes, and the quickest way to prop it up again is more sugar. Meanwhile, you’re growing a huge colony of sugar-loving microbes in your gut that are also demanding more sugar. We think it’s time to turn this train around!


We’ve got some flavor combinations that Muffy’s family loves and we think you will, too. The great thing is, they’re all equally low in sugar and carbs.


the lowdown.

More and more research finds that over-consumption of sugar and carbs is causing us all kinds of health problems. Here’s what we are reading about, and thinking about.


nush has made it easy to snack without sugar

In a hurry? Need something to grab with your morning drink? Don’t grab a muffin!  Thanks to nush cakes, you can choose something better. Something yummy.  Something that won’t make you crave sugar the rest of the day.